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Ximma was founded in 2018. We started out as a contemporary women's boutique selling a selection of trendy, relaxed casual wear., and have since grown to become a must-visit destination for anyone who loves great style in Miami. We put a lot of care into the items we select, always putting our customers first. Come and check out our unbeatable prices and service for yourself.



Diana Giffuni
Fashion Creative Director - Ximma Boutique

Diana Giffuni's deep affection for fashion ignited the birth of Ximma Boutique. Her brand exudes elegance and femininity, offering a thoughtfully curated array of fashion trends, vibrant shades, captivating patterns, and empowering designs that honor the essence of womanhood. Whether on the web or at exclusive retail locations throughout Miami, Ximma Boutique invites women to embrace their unique charm.

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